Code of Ethics


Adherence to TechGeek's code of ethics by its employees, members and professionals is a voluntary engagement. However, if a member does not follow this code by engaging in gross misconduct, TechGeek membership may be terminated and certifications revoked. Not only is it important for TechGeek's certified professionals to adhere to the principles expressed in this Code, each member should encourage and support adherence by other members.

Network Security Services & Solutions

  • TechGeek is another name of client commitment, backed by professional ethics and philosophy.
  • TechGeek all across the worldwide network follows an identical approach to professional and ethical standards.
  • TechGeek has a commitment to its Clients to keep their most important, sensitive and confidential management information most secretive. TechGeek keeps the information in strict confidence and does not divulge to third parties without express authorization of the client.
  • Mutual understanding and close co-operation is the key factor of our faith and a long-standing relationship with our clients and candidates.
  • TechGeek deals with limited number of clients in any one discipline of the industry.
  • TechGeek only accepts assignments, which it feels confident of completing satisfactorily.
  • Every assignment of is carried out by a team of high caliber and professional experienced workforce while relying on the knowledge, specialization and multidisciplinary expertise of the other consultants internationally, where needed.
  • TechGeek charges only from client companies and organizations, not from potential candidates.
  • TechGeek has strict rules against approaching executives of client companies regarding employment opportunities. TechGeek takes care of the off-limits defined by the clients and does not source candidates from sister companies or divisions of the clients.
  • TechGeek approach combines self and group learning. This is the most effective mode to ensure complete assimilation and understanding of concepts and techniques.
  • TechGeek believes in equal opportunity for all, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, handicap or sexual orientation. The staffing policies and practices in our organization, for our clients and candidates are fully non-discriminatory.

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